Home Alone

So today I’ll be telling you about staying home alone, which can be very…difficult. There’s a couple of factors involving this, including siblings (if any), pets (if any), people knocking on the door, and answering the phone. While i realize a lot of you are probably skilled at this (my mom left me alone at ten), I’m still going to help the ones that aren’t. So, I’ve got some rules for you.



  1. Don’t answer the door unless you KNOW who it is.
  2. Phones are always safe. Keep a notepad handy so you can take a message.
  3. Dogs have short attention spans. Feed them at the right time, teach them tricks, and play with them. Soon they’ll be tired enough and probably crash.
  4. Siblings are…difficult. If they’re younger, print out a coloring page. Take a babysitting class. Treat them like a little buddy, not like a brat. For older, make deals. “I’ll give you the TV for an hour if you leave me alone while i have it.” “I won’t tell Mom about this if you stay in your room for an hour.” Bargain.
  5. If you have something you’ve been working on, do it in your room. Your room is your safe place. It’s always where i go.

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